Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Final Project: Artist Statement

My photographs are based on songs of different genres that have their own moods. I used colors to describe these moods as well as lines/patterns. In some of the pictures I left the background open and able to see while in others I completely colored it. I chose to work in color to try and get out of my comfort zone and experiment with Photoshop and post-processing. John Baldessari influenced me to edit the images the way I did because he was known for his appropriation of pictures and use of color. Music itself influenced me as well because that’s what these photos are based on. Overall, I made these photos to express the emotion that music gives out and how it can make you feel a certain way about your environment or about yourself.

Final Project

Song: J. Cole-Love Yourz
This song makes me feel grateful for the life I have so I chose to do a pose of praying. I chose this gold yellow to represent prosperity and the lines coming from the cross represents where the prosperity is coming from. I also chose to wear a white shirt because it represents light. Overall, the song makes me feel thankful and reminds me not to envy someone else's life.

Song: Dubsidia-Elekktroshockk
This song makes me feel energetic and it also has an eerie vibe to it. So, I chose to use these vibrant colors as a form of energy. The yellow lines surrounding me represent the energy I'm producing. The color palette is very bright and its meant to make the viewer feel anxious. Overall, this song makes me feel energized and scared at the same time.

Song: Post Malone, Swae Lee-Sunflower
This song makes me feel calm and peaceful. The pose I did is meant to represent relaxation.
 I chose to use orange and yellow to represent happiness, freedom, and warmth. I chose to have the colors radiating from my body and surrounding me to represent the feeling in my mind. I also chose to leave the water because it symbolizes refreshment and life can be stressful sometimes but this song is good reminder that it can be peaceful as well. 

This song makes me feel energetic and also ready for a fight due to its bass boost and lyrics. I chose dark red to represent blood, anger, and energy. The pose I chose to do is meant to be violent since its a pose for fighting. The horns represent the evil within us all, I think everyone has rage in them but some of us know how to control it better than others. The red surrounding the figure also represents that when you're angry you really don't see anything else but your feelings and are sensitive to everything. 

Song: XXXTENTACION-Alone, Part 3
This song makes me feel sad and alone how ironic. I chose blue to represent sadness and coldness. The pose I did symbolizes sadness and the lines surrounding the figure represent the feeling of these sad thoughts trapping you. I wanted to blend in with the picture so I didn't include the background to emphasize the feeling of being trapped.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Project Proposal & Selected Artist

Project Proposal:
I want to do something related to music so I thought I'd do some portraits in different backgrounds/environments and base them off of different songs. By choosing different songs for each pic I can edit each pic to have their own mood based on the song. I can edit the pics color and tone and portray emotion in my expressions or maybe just the environment.

I was looking at John Baldessari's work and it has a lot of color in it. I like the vibrancy of his work so I thought I'd try more color in my photos even though I prefer b&w. Even in his b&w images he puts some color to contrast it and thats pretty interesting to me.